Monday, December 23, 2013

No One Takes Jim Gregory Serious, Right?

Bernie's Photo of Gregory
I don't know Jim Gregory very well, and I don't have any issue with him personally either. I'm sure there's a lot more to the story of his ex-girlfriend's PFA than we've heard so far, but that doesn't really change the bottom line about Gregory. Gregory was never a threat to get elected Mayor. He's not a threat to get on the council now. He can apply, as Bernie reports he has, but he will not be a councilman. One, he's in jail. Two, he ran for Mayor before, and he got handled pretty well. Three, he's not just in jail, he's got a PFA on him currently. Jim Gregory is finished in local politics, or any other politics.

Bethlehem will pick a new council person in January, and I've tried to stay away from commenting on individuals by name so far. Bernie's reporting on Joe Kelly's potential candidacy seems to be correct though, in that I also hear he has three backers, at least two of which are obvious when you consider who the new council people are, and what Bernie reported. The reporting that Councilman Reynolds is "against" Kelly is almost certainly false though, and the idea that it's over 2017 or 2021 Mayoral politics is downright silly. For my two cents, I think Kelly is absolutely qualified, and would do a very good job in the position, but I have some reservations. First off, I don't think council should spend the next two years re-litigating the last ten years in Bethlehem with a big fight with the new Mayor, so if Kelly wants to be on council, he hopefully will lay out some forward looking vision. Two, Bethlehem Council needs some diversity badly. Three, I think Kelly running in 2015 could potentially bring Donchez backers into another bloody primary in a year that has the potential with two incumbents running to be harmonious. Fourth, the perception that the outgoing Mayor has four votes on council to run the city by proxy, however false as it would be, wouldn't be helpful. None of this means they shouldn't pick Kelly, he's a solid guy, it just should give serious pause to the people backing the idea.


Anonymous said...

Word on street is Reynolds is looking for someone who can run and win with him in 2015, and will scare away competition. He does not want the flood gates open. Hard to see him not supporting Kelly, who fits that bill. Though he is worried about Callahan issues coming up.
Also heard it is Bryan Callahan supporting Kelly more so than Rechitti and Waldron.

Rich Wilkins said...

I'm not sure that Kelly would scare off the field. I think Donchez would want to run someone against him. I'm not shocked about Bryan at all, I had heard him, Recchiuti, and another member besides Waldron's name coming up.